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类型 文件名 大小
pdf-file Internal Factsheet µPG 101 1.2 MB
pdf-file Internal Factsheet DWL 2000 1.4 MB
pdf-file Internal Factsheet DWL 66 FS 1.3 MB
pdf-file Internal Factsheet DWL 4000 1.3 MB
pdf-file Internal Factsheet DWL 8000 1.3 MB
pdf-file Internal Factsheet VPG 1600 1.3 MB



类型 文件名 / 描述 大小
pdf-file External Electromagnetic materials – availability and spectral coverage of a new class of micro/ nanofabricated composite materials 260 KB
pdf-file External Industrial applications of micro/ nanofabrication at Singapore Synchrotron Light Source 330 KB
pdf-file External Integrated free-space optical interconnect fabricated in planar optics using chirped microlens arrays 1.0 MB
pdf-file External Laser Direct Write Grayscale Photolithography 200 KB
pdf-file External Laser-Lithographie für Mikrooptik auf gekrümmten Oberflächen 220 KB
pdf-file External Laser-lithography on non-planar surfaces 670 KB
pdf-file External Micro- and Nano-Fabrication of Electromagnetic Metamaterials for the Terahertz Range 520 KB
pdf-file External Microfluidics for lab-on-a-chip applications 1.8 MB
pdf-file External Micromirror for Laser-Beam Scanning for Robotics and Other Applications 1.5 MB
pdf-file External Precise temperature control in microfluidic devices using Joule heating of ionic liquids 230 KB
pdf-file External Selective etching of chalcogenides and its application for fabrication of diffractive optical elements 180 KB
pdf-file External Three-Dimensional Modeling of Mechanical Forces in the Extracellular Matrix during Epithelial Lumen Formation 570 KB
pdf-file External Thick-film lithography using laser write 2.5 MB

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